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No one expects to need dentures, but due to trauma or tooth loss, dentures are a reality for many.  Not only will they restore your confidence in your smile, but properly fitting dentures can actually improve the health of your jaw and mouth. With over 30 years in practice, Dr. Schmutz has the experience needed to provide you with beautifully comfortable dentures, or partial dentures.  We can create new dentures, or we would be happy to reline or repair your old ones.

Dentures aren’t the only type of appliance we offer our patients! Did you know that we offer oral appliances for snoring? It’s true! Our “snore appliance” can be used to treat people with mild or moderate sleep apnea, particularly those who are seeking an alternative to a CPAP machine.  This can help you stop snoring, leaving you refreshed and rested when you wake.
Many people grind or clench their teeth at night. This can result in excess wear on your teeth and gums, painful headaches, or TMJ. We’ve got an appliance for that too! Night guards made in our clinic have a high quality, custom fit, and are very effective for reducing these painful symptoms.  Or for the extremely active types, we offer sports mouth guards because you can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your teeth so they can last a lifetime.
  • Immediate Dentures
  • Snore Appliances
  • Relined Dentures
  • Night Guards
  • Implant Denture Stabilization
  • Sports Guards
  • Denture Repair
  • Denture Stabilization

Patient Reviews

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 “Dr. Paul Schmutz is the best!  He takes his time to work with me and makes sure I’m comfortable and happy with the needs for my teeth.  He also was willing to fix my partial denture on Friday when his office is usually closed Fridays.”

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